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: Pryda - Mirage | Pryda Recordings

lundi 13 juin 2011

RELEASE : Pryda - Mirage [PRY020]

 May 11th, 2011_________________________________________________________________

Eric Prydz
' new three tracker ‘Mirage’ - his first Pryda release of 2011 - is a perfect example of the kind of superior electronic music that he produces with jaw-dropping regularity. All three of the EP’s tracks were featured in Prydz’ debut EPIC set in London, and were used with devastating effect to blow away the 4500 clubbers.

The EP’s lead track ‘Mirage’ is an ethereal and uplifting melodic club track. With a powerful and delicate key lead that immediately works its way into your mind and feet, the cut is euphoric and poignant all at the same time. Such potent contrast is a hard thing to contemplate on a dance track, but it is a standard illusion of Prydz’ dark Pryda instrumentals.

Juletider’ is equally as memorable and mighty. With a colossal musical build, the track’s 1980’s flavoured keys sound like a forgotten Harold Faltermeyer synth-pop classic, or the work of French synth pop pioneer Jean Michel Jarre. Choosing to brew tension and drama through a simple yet infectious keyboard lead, the pressure Prydz fabricates is intense and unyielding.

By the time the dirty bass and beats drop, it’s near on impossible to not pump your fists with a massive great big gurn on your face. This innate understanding of how rhythm and suspense moves people is precisely what makes Eric Prydz one of dance music’s greatest.

Last, but by no means least, is ‘With Me’, perhaps one of Eric Prydz’ boldest tracks to date. Built around a fun and frolicking electro house groove, the track positively drips with pop promise thanks to a catchy male vocal, which is Prydz’ first proper vocal in years.

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mercredi 25 mai 2011

PREVIEW : Jeremy Olander - "The Drew" + "Animal Garden"

 May 11th, 2011_________________________________________________________________

Hi everyone ! We both feel very sorry about the lack of news this time but we are working for incoming exams ! Doesn't matter ! The main thing is we have decided to stop publishing this kind of big news we did to come back to a more traditional blog, with little articles on the track we like !

So here is the first one, Two brand new tracks from the swedish young producer of 23 years old : Jeremy Olander. He had just uploaded 2 brand new previews, both track are more melodic that what we have seen on Pryda Friends with his 3 tracks EP. Like it a lot ! No release date yet of course, just huge tracks to listen with passion, "The Drew" and "Animal Garden" 

 PREVIEW : Jeremy Olander - The Drew
 PREVIEW : Jeremy Olander - Animal Garden

Jeremy is on fire at the moment, so in case you have miss it, here are two tracks he released this year ! He have just hit Phazing Rec. of Dirty South  with "Aisteala" and as I said, Pryda Friends of Eric Prydz with a 3 tracks EP, our favourite was "Evade"